Statistics of Divorce

Statistics Of Divorce

In the United States the divorce rate is higher then in any other place throughout the world. The current divorce rate in the United States for first marriages is between 40 to 50 percent. Although in some countries the divorce rate can be higher for first marriages. In the United States the rates go up according to the number of marriages a person will have. By the time a person is on their second marriage the rates have increased from 60 to 67 percent. The data has increased at a rate of 73-74 percent by the time a person reaches their third marriage.

There are several reasons why a divorce will happen. Although the number one cause of a divorce is the failure to communicate. The second can involve violent arguments and other conflicts. The third reason for most divorces to occur is at some point throughout the marriage infidelity was a major factor. There are also several other reason that can cause a divorce such as a persons age or education. Income and debt can cause issues which can lead to a divorce. Religion and cohabitation can add to an already weak marriage and cause a divorce.


When it comes to age it can be a determining factor that may cause a divorce. For those that get married in their early 20′s they are more likely to get a divorce. Also for those that are under 20 that get married the women are more likely to be the ones who will want a divorce. As with the over 20 group the men will most likely be the ones who want a divorce. For those that are in their late 20′s they have a better chance of staying married. This age group seems to be happier in their choices and can communicate better with their spouse.

Education and Income

Education can be a deciding factor on a divorce. Those who have an education are less likely to divorce then those who are less educated. For those who have a higher income they tend to have less divorces then those who have a lower income.


Religion can be a determining factor when it comes to divorce. Although the data will vary it is a lower rate at of 21-34 percent compared to other reasons. It has also been indicated that divorces may be even lower for those who do not claim any religious affiliation.


For those who have lived together before marriage they have a 40 to 85 percent chance of getting a divorce.

It is estimated that in the United States one fourth of all adults will get a divorce at some point throughout their life. Here are some characteristics of what may cause a divorce:

  • Married at a young age
  • Education
  • Children from a previous marriage
  • Lived together before marriage
  • Sex before marriage

Divorces can happen for several reasons other then the examples above. Although they can be a contributing factor there are usually other events that can lead to a divorce.

  • ¬†younger age at time of marriage
  • ¬†lower education
  • has children from a previous relationship
  • cohabitation prior to marriage
  • sexual activity prior to marriage

According to divorce statistics, it does not appear that only one factor contributes to a couple’s decision to divorce. Although three primary reasons have been identified by divorced couples as the leading causes of divorce, it seems that underlying factors may contribute to these issues as well.

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Financial Impact of Divorce on Children and Their Families

Select Characteristics of Divorced/Separated Women
Divorced or Separated women with children under 18 years :1991 4,815,000
Living below poverty level 39.40%
Divorced or Separated women with children under 6 years :1991 1,616,000
Living below poverty level 54.70%
Divorced or Separated women supposed to receive child support :1989 4,335,000
Divorced women receiving child support 75.40%
mean child support received :1989 $3,143
Child support or percentage of total income 18.50%

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